Payday loan online, when to apply?

February 19, 2019


Generally, and in most cases, it has a cost of 1.1% interest per day . For example, if a customer requests a € 100 online payday loan to be returned in a month, in that period of time he would have to pay € 133 in total.

Its process is done above all online and without paperwork , which streamlines the process and allows the customer to get their money in a few minutes in their bank account.

When should a customer request a payday loan online?

Especially when you know that you will be able to return the money along with your interests in that period of time. It is advisable to do well the accounts of the financial possibilities of each one, as well as to compare and simulate the payday loan , to verify with certainty how much money will have to be paid in the end. The purpose is not other than, in case of not being able to pay all the installments or the final money, even having requested some extension (that would be the first solution), the payday loan company is forced to increase expenses by delay and, in final cases , the introduction to the client in a delinquency file. This would enlarge the ball of financial problems of the client, since it would be sunk in more expenses and in problems to request financing of any type in the future.

If you know for sure yes you can return the full money within stipulated by the payday loan online payday loan, it is advisable to use these financial products for urgent and unforeseen cases: payment of fines, back to school, paying bills to expire, etc. It is not recommended for the use of whims, although the client can use it for whatever he wants. While the accounts come out, everything is perfect.

How to apply for a payday loan online?

How to apply for a payday loan online?

Being an online process , the application and the rest of the management is very fast and convenient.

It is recommended that, before deciding on a payday loan online or other, you compare all in a safe and reliable comparator . In one place, you can immediately see what the final expenses and additional data would be.

When one calls you more attention than others, visit their web page and do a simulation , to check that the same data as in the comparator. If it convinces you, go on to apply for the payday loan online.

The step of the application is very simple, since you will have to put the data requested by the online form : payday loan, personal and contact information. Once all are entered, send to the payday loan company, in the online “Send” button.

A manager will start immediately to study your case in just a few minutes, as it will have direct access to your financial and economic database, such as Asnef files and others, as well as reputation in other previous financial products. . Within a few minutes, you will get an answer with the acceptance or denial of the online payday loan.

If it turns out positive, you will have to sign the contract that is sent to you and, almost instantly, you will have your money in your bank account. Easy, comfortable and super fast!

Steps to request a quick payday loan

February 14, 2019



 Easy and fast steps on requesting payday loan

For this it will be necessary:

Who can ask for a quick payday loan online?

Who can ask for a quick payday loan online?

Any person of legal age who has a DNI or NIE with permanent residence in Spain, who has a regular income, whose amount will vary depending on the amount of the payday loan, and who has an account in a bank located in Spanish territory.

People residing in Spain who are abroad can also request a quick payday loan online. They must keep in mind that the money will be deposited in their Spanish bank account, so they should inform their bank how they can withdraw the money from a country outside of Spain.